Oregon Paranormal Specialist Team
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The Oregon Paranormal Specialists Team
Founder / Director
Case Manager
Audio Specialist
Lead Investigator
"I have been in the paranormal research field since 2006 with the initial goal of attempting to solve one of life's greatest mysteries. 'Does our journey end when we take our last breath?' After countless investigations and hours of skeptical and scrutinizing data analytics, I strongly promote that there is from time to time something more than what can be scientifically or logically explained. The Oregon Paranormal Specialists Team (OPS) strives to excel utilizing the constitutional elements of science to further study, explore and decipher the theory behind the paranormal realm. Furthermore, we endeavor to truly serve the community in need. If we can help dissolve, debunk, or verify paranormal phenomenon in question, then we have augmentted our function. Our reward comes from earning the trust, satisfaction, and sincere appreciation of those with whom we communicate and assist."


"I have been experiencing paranomal phenomenon since I was a young child. I am interested in the study of paranormal research and to assist my husband Aaron for those who are in need."


Gary is the Author of Tangled Worlds and other works of art. He enjoys his time as the CEO of Popskull Productions and works for big name clients such as Mattel and Crayola among others.  His prior experience includes Paramount Pictures and Marvel Comics.  Gary is an avid paranormal investigator and enjoys the field as much as he is a writer.

Investigator in Training
"Coming soon."

Currently interviewing applicants.