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The Oregon Paranormal Specialists Team is composed of volunteers who have a passion to solve paranormal puzzles, study the unexplained and to assist others that are in serious need. We could not do this in good conscience while making a profit. We are absolutely, completely, without any doubt, 100% free with no associated fees of any type.

What variety of properties do we Investigate? We live in a unique and sometimes unpredictable world; therefore there are always exceptions to any rule. However generally, we perform investigations as listed below:
  • Public locations
  • Private residences
  • Commercial and/or Industrial workplaces
  • Abandoned facilities
Due to some environments however, there may be limited access, or an inability to perform a thorough investigation given environmental factors or human contamination. We are willing to work with any given environment and setup a plan that works for all the parties involved. Contact us for more information should there be any questions!

What can you expect during the Investigation? Following your initial inquiry to our team, our case manager will contact you to setup a limited, casual interview over the phone or via email if necessary. Some inquiries can be successfully debunked or solved with a simple phone call or email. If not, our case manager will attempt to determine the conditions and concerns of the paranormal activity involved and coordinate a custom made, pre-approved plan with you. It is our main pride to keep you in the loop consistently throughout the entire process ensuring satisfaction, reassurance and completion of your case expectations. After the investigation has been completed, we will progress to review phase, where evidence will be scrutinized, analyzed, and furthermore questioned. We will attempt to validate any claims you have experienced, as well as debunk events that may contribute to them. If any unexplained events occur, we will provide a copy of the evidence, along with our in-depth analysis within one to two weeks.

With your permission, additional research on the property in question may be done independently by our team using public records in an attempt to help identify, clarify or further examine any potential sources that may be contributing to the source of the paranormal phenomenon. Additionally, any private sources of information are welcome for detailed analysis.

We understand that it takes courage to seek help from others outside your family, friends or relatives. Our primary goal is to help answer your questions, calm your concerns/fears, and find the truth to the best of our ability as paranormal scientists. Remember, we are on your side, abide by your rules, and we will treat your wishes and decisions as law without question.

Also take comfort in knowing that we are highly trained, committed, and experienced investigators that come prepared and ready to setup and go. We will not swarm the house in large numbers, or leave a sign outside on your lawn stating why we are there.

We do not perform exorcisms, spirit removal, or attempt to contact lost loved ones in a seance-like performance. Should you be looking for this type of service, we can try to find a local group in your area and recommend contact with them. However, if you recently lost a loved one, and believe he or she may be trying to communicate with you, then we may be able to help verify that using scientific methods. Lastly, we do not base our conclusions on coincidence, circumstantial evidence, or any type of feeling. Although humans are fundamentally spiritual and instinctive in nature, we can not base our findings as fact solely based on them.