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Oregon Paranormal Specialists
The Premiere Paranormal Investigation Team

Believe it or not, there are times when the paranormal, supernatural, metaphysical or unexplainable seeks its way into our daily lives. For better or for worse, the aftermath of these life altering events can influence the way we see the world around us, and often how we interact in it. The OPS Team stands ready to debunk and/or substantiate paranormal experiences that exist in residential homes, commercial workplaces, or even private and public lands. We understand, educate, assist, and console against the sometimes oblivious nature that the paranormal realm can inflict on the breathing world around us. We are a highly motivated, trained, and specialized team dedicated to reinforce you with the utmost professional respect, confidentiality, and security. It goes without saying that there are no experts in this field, however we pride ourselves with the dedication, honesty and credibility necessary for our OPS Team to be some of the most knowledgable and specialized paranormal consultants out there. Each OPS Investigator goes through a unique training regiment with a specific curriculum aimed towards understanding the science behind paranormal phenomenon, and the technology used to study it. We never charge a fee for any type of assistance, nor will we ever make any request for donation.